Kevin Tankersley


 My work is not just a job, but a privilege. I take pride in helping my clients, and look forward to helping you in your home search.

Josh A.

 Kevin was by far the best real estate agent that we have ever had the pleasure of working with. This was the first time we had ever sold a house and he made the experience a breeze. We had already moved to St. Simons while trying to sell our house in Atlanta and were very worried about going through this process from 5 hours away. We had been renting our house out to friends who had done quite a bit of damage while living there. Kevin put our minds at ease and even ensured us that he was more than willing to stop by to periodically check on the house, and even to let contractors in/out of the house. It meant so much to us to know that we didn't have to worry about all of those little hardships that come with being so far away.
One of the things that impressed us the most about Kevin was the first interaction we ever had with him. After our renters had done such signifant damage to our house, we were afraid that we would be selling for much less than what we owed on the property. Kevin met us at our house and then promptly walked us across the street to another house for sale in our neighborhood. He gave us the tour of the house and discussed what we thought looked great and what needed some work. He then discussed the asking price with us. When we were able to see what little differences there were between our house and theirs and compare it with the asking price, we felt a HUGE sigh of relief. Kevin made some suggestions of small details that would help reinflate the value of our house.
Kevin was there for every step of the way. He communicated very well with us and was there immediately with any updates. We are now in the process of purchasing a house in the St. Simons area and have discussed many times how we wish we could just "find a Kevin." We even called him to ask for any advice in this process and he went out of his way to find us a great real estate agent in this area.
Not only did we get what we owed out of our house but we also made money on our house. That is
something that we did not think would be possible.
We would recommend Kevin to anyone and everyone who is interested in buying or selling a home.

Vickie G.

 My husband and I were going to begin our search for a new home. I had been searching sites when I found Zillow and Kevin found us. What a blessing! Kevin immediately began our home search but more importantly he showed us how to buy a home. Dealing with a lender and finding a home in your price range. A beautiful home that you can afford. Kevin walked us thru the whole process. His experience and gentle nature are a perfect combination. He can deal with the most frustrating of buyers and sellers. I am positive we would not have found our perfect home, if it hadn't been for Kevin. Thanks, Kevin. You are an all star in our book!

Jon & Erin M.

 We had an unusually difficult closing process. Kevin had all the resources needed and was there through every step fighting for us. He is honest, dedicated and hard working. I would recommend him any time.

Susan M.

 Kevin did a great job helping me find a home. Other realtors had not demonstrated the same level of attentiveness and commitment to aiding me in my search as Kevin did. He listened to what I had to say, figured out what I was looking for, and searched until we found the right place. Thank you, Kevin!

Yvonne G.

This agent is very personable and professional. He is honest. He know's how to market a home and he guides you through the process. He is persistent when it comes to getting everything that you request within his means as a realtor. He sticks with you to the end. I highly recommend him.